Fresh Fire Children's Ministries​​

Sunday and Wednesday Nights at 6:30PM Ages 2-10 An Interactive time of Worship and the Word Focused on training young Disciples. Our Mission is leading Children to an encounter with Jesus Christ through worship, empowering them with the Word of God, and teaching them to be a witness in all the world.

​The Burning Ones Youth Ministries

Ages11 and Up Sunday and Wednesday Nights at 6:30PM- Our mission is to disciple young teens that they may have a strong walk with Jesus into the beginning of a new chapter of life, adulthood. That they may grow and learn how to resist the temptations of today's youth. So that they may be set apart from the normal, that they let their light of Christ burning the darkness of today's world. Let them be the burning ones!

At the Verdunville Church of God we offer programs to help You grow in your personal relationship with Christ.  We offer class for every age and every stage of your Christian development.

Fire Starters

​Sunday Mornings at 10AM

Our Mission is to fan the sparks that we have started in the young Heart's of the next generation. Sunday Mornings beginning at 10AM we have classes for all ages. Our  Fire Starters go directly back to breakfast  followed by classes that are age specific to your child.
Little Embers Preschool- Ages 2-4
Flames Early Childhood- Ages 5-8
Ignited Youth and Teens Ages- 9 and Up

​Holy Fire Worship and the Word

Our 10AM service begins with a dynamic time of Praise and Worship. We encounter the presence of God as we fill the alters with our gratitude and cry out on behalf of our needs. Worship is followed by the Life Changing Word of God. It is delivered in  a way that you leave uplifted and challenged in your personal walk with Christ. We allow the Holy Spirit to lead in the alter to see lives restored and strongholds broken.

​Verdunville Church of God